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Oklahoma State University

Data Acquisition

Photron Mini UX High Speed Camera

The Mini UX camera model provide 1.3-megapixel (1280*1024 pixels) image resolution with frame rates up to 2000fps. The FASTCAM Mini UX achives high light sensitivity from a small image sensor (10 μm pixel pitch) through the utilization of microlenses to increase effective Fill Factor. Frame rate can also be synchronized to an external frequency.

Function Generator, Digital Oscilloscope, Power Amplifier

The source of signals in most experiments conducted at SSDL, the keysight (and Rigol) function generator is capable of producing commonly used standard waveforms such as 1. Harmonic, 2. triangle modulated Sine and 3. Exponential Decay.
The Rigol oscilloscope helps to quickly read out and quantify signals in situ from sensors such as accelerometers and strain gauges. The Labview power amplifier is an addon instrument, used for mechanical wave generation and testing using the Labworks Electrodynamic Shaker.



Strain Gage Station

The SSDL houses a clean strain gauging station consisting of a variety of strain gauging and measurement tools from several leading manufacturers. The area consists of multiple soldering and wiring tools, bridges, amplifiers and filters with the ability to use both metal foil and semiconductor gauges. We can measure a large range of strains accurately with minimal error (< 1%). These tools can be used not only to measure strain but also the natural frequency and wave speed in dynamic tests.


Laser Vibrometer

One of the most hassel free, non contact type measurement is possible with the polytech laser vibrometer which overcomes the need to modify the test article for dynamic measurement of field quantities, which otherwise introduces errors and imposes limitations to the experimental set up itself. In addition to offering dynamic measurements, the PDV 100 laser vibrometer has capabilites of reading out displacements of the order of 10 microns. This makes studying response of oscillators of the locally resonant metamaterials physically feasible and allows for a more detailed study of structures.


Infinity Research Laboratory Compound Microscope

This microscope has four high quality infinity corrected objectives (4X, 10X, 40X, & 100X), a pair of extreme widefield 10X eyepieces, built in LED illumination system, a 30-degree incline on the ocular tubes for comfortable viewing, compensation-free binocular head, a coaxial coarse & fine focusing system, and a 3D mechanical stage. It provides five levels of magnification: 40X, 100X, 400X, & 1000X. It is an ideal instrument for advanced research applications or anyone looking for an extremely high quality instrument.