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Oklahoma State University


Scantek Acoustic Impedance Tubes

BSWA SW Impedence Tubes can accurately measure sound absorption coefficents and impedance according to ISO or ASTM standards. They also support the sound transmission loss measurements based on the Transfer Function Method using four microphones. A larger diameter tube is suitable for meaurments in the lower frequencies while a small diameter tube can measure the higher frequencies. 

Access to Acoustic Impedance Tube

Aided by a function generator, the impedance tube can operate at frequencies ranging from 80 Hz to 2.5 kHz. This tube is employed to calculate different acoustic properties of specimen such as
1) Normal Incidence Transmission Loss.
2) Reflection Coefficient
3) Absorption coefficient
4) Characteristic impedance of a material.


Access to Anechoic Chamber

Anechoic chamber has been custom built in order to provide a sound proof room that can either be employed to measure the noise level of stand alone equipment as well as the transmission through panels. It has wedges made of foam and fiberglass that act as sound absorbing material and has ambient sound pressure level around -20 dB.