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Oklahoma State University


Spring 2019

Apr 17: The Acta Mechanica article (doi: 10.1007/s00707-019-02415-w) on Direction-Biased Metamaterial is published online. [Link]

Mar 29: Prateek Kulkarni and Dr. Manimala's article titled, "Realizing Passive Direction-Bias for Mechanical Wave Propagation using a Nonlinear Metamaterial," has been accepted for publication in the journal, Acta Mechanica (impact factor: 2.113).

Feb 26: The JFI article on nonlinear inertant acoustic metamaterials (doi: 10.1016/j.jfranklin.2019.02.019) is now available online. [Link]

Feb 13: Karthik Madhamshetty and Dr. Manimala's paper titled, "Extraordinary Wave Manipulation Characteristics of Nonlinear Inertant Acoustic Metamaterials," has been accepted for publication in the Journal of the Franklin Institute's upcoming special issue on 'Inerter-based Systems: Design, Modeling, Optimization and Control.'

"The Journal of The Franklin Institute (impact factor: 3.576) has an established reputation for publishing high-quality papers in the field of engineering and applied mathematics. Its current focus is on control systems, complex networks and dynamic systems, signal processing and communications and their applications."

Feb 12: The Acoustics journal article (doi: 10.3390/acoustics1010011) on Metamaterials-Inspired Vibro-Impact Structures is now available online. [Link]

Feb 10: An article titled, "On the Frequency Up-Conversion Mechanism in Metamaterials-Inspired Vibro-Impact Structures," coauthored by Anuj Rekhy, Robert Snyder (Concepts2Systems Inc.) and Dr. Manimala is accepted for publication in MDPI's Acoustics journal.

Jan 22: SSDL receives capital investment of up to $175,000 over 3 years from Cowboy Technologies LLC to develop and commercialize low-frequency acoustic liner composites in partnership with OSU's New Product Development Center (NPDC).