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Oklahoma State University


Fall 2018

  • Dec 8: Here are a couple of photos from SSDL's Fall group lunch today at Red Lobster.

  • Dec 3: SSDL's pilot project on vision-based road safety technology dubbed 'BLLNQ' wins second place with a prize money of $1000 at the 7th Annual OSU App Competition! Dr. Manimala,  Milkyas Afework and business grad student, Juan Parra Parra were part of the team that won this prize. The link to a news article on this event is available here.
  • Nov 13: Milkyas Afework and Dr. Manimala's entry on a vision-based road safety app for the OSU App Center's 'Research to App Competition' makes it to the top 10 App ideas selected for the pitch event out of 70 entries submitted.
  • Nov 9: Dr. Brian Fricke, Group Leader for the Building Equipment Research Group at Oak Ridge National Laboratory tours SSDL during his visit to OSU to deliver a talk as part of the 2018 MAE Research Seminar Series.
  • Nov 7: Karthik Madhamshetty successfully defends his MS thesis titled, "Dynamic Characterization of Inertant Meta-Structures." Congratulations Karthik!
  • Nov 5: An article titled, "Amplitude-Activated Mechanical Wave Manipulation Devices Using Nonlinear Metamaterials," coauthored by Dr. Manimala, Prateek Kulkarni and Karthik Madhamshetty is published in Springer Nature's Advanced Composites and Hybrid Materials journal. [Link]
  • Nov 5: Alexander Svetgoff receives a travel award for professional development from OSU's Graduate College. Congrats Zander!
  • Nov 2: Timothy Emerson and Karthik Madhamshetty give oral presentations and Alexander Svetgoff gives a poster presentation at the 2nd Annual MAE Graduate Research Symposium held at OSU.
  • Nov 1: SSDL presents a poster titled, "Absorption Characteristics of Membrane-Embedded Acoustic Liners," at Boeing OKC's Innovation Week event. Alexander Svetgoff represented the lab at this event.
  • Sep 19: The lab welcomes Tessa Wells Martin who joins as URA. Tessa is majoring in MAE and Sociology and also works as an aviation mechanic! She will work on structural dynamics and acoustics experiments as part of research projects. Welcome Tessa!
  • Sep 18: Gonzalo Mendoza, Manager for Loads, Acoustics, and Structural Dynamics at Textron Aviation delivers an invited talk on 'Dynamics Practice in the Aerospace Industry' in Dr. Manimala's sophomore Dynamics class. Mr. Mendoza discussed historical examples related to aircraft dynamics and provided a snapshot of current engineering practices and career opportunities in the industry.

  • Sep 17: SSDL conducts acoustic transmission loss testing according to SAE J1400 standard for Textron Aviation. Aircraft panels with proprietory treatements were evaluated for Textron's upcoming 'Cessna SkyCourier' aircraft. OSU team consisted of Dr. Manimala, Karthik Madhamshetty, Milkyas Afework, Timmy Emerson, Alexander Svetgoff, Catherine Sheehan, Alessio Lozzi, and Tessa Wells-Martin. Textron team consisted of Gonzalo Mendoza, Scott Sanborn, Dr. Wenlung Liu, and Lloyd Kronk. This is the third edition of acoustic transmission loss testing conducted at OSU by Textron Aviation.

  • Sep 13: Dr. Manimala, Timmy Emerson, Catherine Sheehan, and Alessio Lozzi participate in the 2018 ASME Smart Materials, Adaptive Structures, and Intelligent Systems (SMASIS) Conference and present papers on passive adaptive nonlinear metamaterials and metamaterials-inspired smart composite. SMASIS was held at San Antonio, TX from Sep 10-12.

  • Sep 7: Graduate student, Milkyas Afework participates in the 2018 Connected Car & Insurance USA Conference held at Chicago, IL from Sep 5-6. This opportunity was enabled by an NSF i-Corps grant to explore the business potential for robust heuristics-based vision technology for automobile safety.
  • Aug 30: Dr. Manimala and Zander Svetgoff participate and present paper on 'Membrane-Embedded Liners' at the INCE's 2018 Inter-Noise Conference held at Chicago, IL from Aug 26-29.
  • Aug 24: Graduate student, Milkyas Afework is selected for the Spears Business School's CIE Scholars program. This program provides a scholarship of $2,000 and opportunities to develop a buisness plan based on SSDL's proof-of-concept for robust-heuristics-based vision technologies for auto safety. Congrats, Milkyas!

Summer 2018

  • Jul 19: Dr. Manimala is elected to serve as a member of the ASME's Technical Committee on Vibration and Sound (TCVS) for a three-year term.
  • Jul 18: Karthik Madhamshetty and Dr. Manimala co-author a journal article titled "Low-Rate Characteristization of a Mechanical Inerter." This article was published in MDPI's Machines. [Link]
  • Jun 30: Zander Svetgoff attends the 2018 AIAA/ CEAS Aeroacoustics Conference held in Atlanta, GA from Jun 25-29.
  • Jun 19: Our Accelerated OARS proposal titled 'Acoustic Meta-Structures for Next Generation Aircraft Liners' is selected for funding by OCAST! Accelerated OARS projects are supported at the level of $300,000 for 3 years.

Spring 2018

  • Apr 27: Representatives from DuPont tour the lab and hold discussions with Dr. Manimala. DuPont team consisted of Karl Chang (Product Development Scientist), Alex Bruner (Market Development Leader), and Bill Coulter (Principal Consultant).
  • Apr 14: SSDL participates in the 38th Oklahoma AIAA/ASME Symposium held at the Oklahoma Christian University, Edmond, OK. Papers from work on nonlinear acoustic metamaterials; smart composites; and inertant structures were presented.
  • Mar 9: SSDL presents three posters at the 33rd Oklahoma Research Day held at Northwestern State University, Enid, OK.
  • Feb 16: Milkyas Afework's work on vision-based detection of road traffic artifacts is selected for NSF I-Corps Site Program funding. The NSF I-Corps program "engages teams of scientists, engineers, and researchers to understand the potential value of their technology and move technologies out of the lab and into the market." [Link]
  • Jan 9: SSDL hosts lab tour and discussions with Karl Washburn, Principal Engineer (Acoustics), Johnson Controls. Mr. Washburn is also secretary to the board, Institute of Noise Control Engineering.