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Oklahoma State University


Fall 2015

  • Dec 7: Dr. Manimala briefs NASA Glenn technical monitors on metamaterials research progress during visit to the Ohio Aerospace Institute.
  • Nov 21: Fall 2015 Group Lunch at Thai Cafe

  • Oct 30: Dr. Manimala gives seminar on Acoustic Metamaterials as part of the College of Engineering, Architecture and Technology's Fall 2015 Research Seminar Series.
  • Oct 7: Ryan Aiken receives a Wentz Semester Grant to conduct a study on energy harvesting. Congratulations Ryan!
  • Sep 25: Mykale-Jamal Holland, BS MAE junior, joins as undergrad RA. Mykale will work on structural acoustics research projects. Welcome Mykale!
  • Sep 23: OSU receives an MD-80 from American Airlines to be used as a 'living lab' for STEM education! Dr. Manimala, Anuj and Prateek represent SSDL at the exciting event.

  • Sep 18: Dr. Manimala presents research progress on metamaterials-inspired structures and acoustic liners to NASA Langley structural acoustic and technical panel at the National Institute of Aerospace, Hampton, VA. Anuj Rekhy, Andrew Chambers and Ryan Aiken participate in the discussions.
  • Aug 17: SSDL welcomes Andrew Chambers. Andrew will pursue an MS in MAE conducting research on acoustic liners. He received his BS in ME right here at OSU.

Summer 2015
  • Aug 13: Anuj and Ryan present paper on metamaterial-inspired structures at Inter-Noise 2015 conference in San Francisco, CA.

  • Jul 27: SSDL welcomes new member, Arad Haselirad, who joins as a Ph.D. student. Arad received his MS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of North Dakota. His research wold broadly be in the area of acoustic metmaterials.
  • Jul 10: Matthew Minhui Liao, Junior, MAE joined SSDL as undergraduate research assistant.
  • Jul 9: SSDL begins NASA SBIR Phase-I program to develop metamaterials-inspired aerospace structures.
  • Jun 16: SSDL receives OCAST OARS award to investigate low-frequency acoustic liner composites.

Spring 2015
  • Apr 28: SSDL receives a TBDP-I grant to investigate new core geometries of acoustic liners using new core geometries for acoustic liners using 3D printing.
  • Apr 18: Prateek Kulkarni, and Anuj Rekhy present their research at 35th annual AIAA/ASME Symposium at Oklahoma State University.

  • Mar 16: Yuhan Wang, Senior, CIVE joins SSDL as undergraduate research assistant.
  • Mar 13: Prateek Kulkarni, Anuj Rekhy, Ryan Aiken and Vishnu Paidimarri presented research abstracts and posters at Oklahoma Research Day.

  • Jan 29: Prateek Kulkarni and Anuj Rekhy submitted abstract for the Oklahoma Research Day.
  • Jan 26: We received NASA EPSCoR award to investigate a metamaterial-inspired structure.
  • Jan 12: Barrett Lee, Junior, MAE joins SSDL as undergraduate research assistant.